Support our school during the war

Physics education online. With best teachers from leading schools

The Ukrainian educational system has come to a near halt. At first, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and then due to the war. Currently, formal education is impossible in parts of the country, but the need remains.

This online school is aimed at pupils of 8-11th grades who are willing to continue learning physics from the best teachers of the affected regions. Teachers from Physics & Mathematics Lyceum in Kherson and Kharkiv Physics & Mathematics Lyceum #27 have consistently prepared pupils for international olympiads and the best technical universities in the world.

The school will take place from July, 2022 to January, 2023. The lessons are free and cover the most important topics of physics education in school at the highest level.

Already 797 pupils registered:

284 – 8th grade

206 – 9th grade

178 – 10th grade

129 – 11th grade

Our teachers:


  • Artem Zakharov: BSc MIT
  • Anastasiia Kutakh: BSc MIT, Bronze IPhO 2019
  • Ivan Ridkokasha: MSc Leiden University, Silver IPhO 2018, Silver IOAA 2018
  • Serhii Kryhin: PhD Harvard University, BSc MIT, Silver IPhO 2018, Gold IPhO 2017
  • Oleksandr Nikolaienko: PhD Harvard University, Silver IPhO 2016
  • Oleksandr Shumaiev: BSc MIT, Gold IPhO 2016, Silver IPhO 2015
  • Oleksii Mikulenko: PhD, MSc Leiden University, Silver IPhO 2015
  • Taras Zhylenko: RA Weizmann Institute of Science, BSc MIT, Silver IPhO 2015
  • Mark Yuhai: Physics teacher of Physics & Mathematics Lyceum at Kherson, Bronze IPhO 2015
  • Artem Oliinyk: Physics teacher of Physics & Mathematics Lyceum at Kherson, PhD, Bronze IPhO 2013
  • Volodymyr Biloshytskyi: PhD JGU Mainz, Silver IPhO 2013
  • Anton Zhernov: DeepMind, Google, MSc, Bronze IPhO 2008
  • Andriy Bozhko: Apple, RA, PhD University of North Texas, Silver IPhO 2008
  • Oles Shtanko: Postdoc IBM, PhD MIT, Bronze IPhO 2007
  • Mykhailo Dalchenko: Asst. Prof. University of Geneva, CERN, postdoc Texas A&M University, PhD École Polytechnique, MSc Paris-Sud University