Pashko Maxim Ivanovich

Pashko Maxim Ivanovich

PhD in physics, teacher of the highest category, teacher-methodist, honored teacher of Ukraine.


Physics teacher at the Kherson Physico-Technical Lyceum (KhPTL) and the Ukrainian Physico-Mathematics Lyceum. Teacher-methodist. The head of the department of physics teachers of KhPTL.

Topics of lectures

Kinematics. Dynamics. Thermal machines. Energy. Oscillations and waves. Current in media.


Excellence in education of Ukraine. Awarded the Order of Merit, III degree.

Optional achievements

Jury member of the 4th stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Physics, coach of the Ukrainian national team at the selection and training meetings for the International Olympiad in Physics and Natural Sciences, chairman of the jury of the All-Ukrainian Internet Olympiad. He trained many winners of the All-Ukrainian and International Olympiads in Physics.