Orlyanskyi Oleg Yuriyovych

Orlyanskyi Oleg Yuriyovych

PhD in physics.


Associate Professor of the Department of Theoretical Physics of Oles Honchar DNU, physics teacher at the Lyceum of Information Technologies, Dnipro. From February 2022 in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Topics of lectures

Quantum physics and relativism.


Excellence in education of Ukraine. Badge "For Scientific and Educational Achievements".

Optional achievements

Jury member of the 4th stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Physics Olympiad, coach of the Ukrainian national team at the selection and training meetings for the International Physics Olympiad, expert consultant of the All-Ukrainian Tournament of Young Physicists. He trained many winners of the All-Ukrainian Physics Olympiads, defense contests of research works of the Small Academy of Sciences (SAS), winners of international youth scientific conferences.